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Sitting to the east of the island’s hill capital Kandy, Chatra is set into a breathtaking expanse of Digana. It is within reach of the cosmopolitan city’s unique mix of green modernity and rich history, but cocooned from its urban bustle. A natural pocket bordering the Victoria Reservoir and the Knuckles range, the setting is close to numerous natural attractions and sites of interest.


The Festival of the Tooth

The island’s biggest procession, marrying centuries-old cultural and religious traditions, the Esala Perahera draws thousands each year to nearby Kandy. Proceeding from the Dalada Maligawa, the festival pays homage to the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha as it is paraded through central Kandy atop a specially decorated elephant, alongside electrifying dancing, acrobatics and drumming performances.

Victoria ‘Breathing Dam’

One of the country’s biggest engineering marvels, the arch dam lies a fair distance from the Mahaweli River’s mouth and is located in Teldeniya, a locale next to Oruthota. The name comes from the dam bending outwards, as if breathing, when the water levels up. The observation points offer scenic views of the surrounding region and a close look at the dam, the country’s largest hydropower project. From here Victoria Lake takes shape, which you can take in leisurely from Chatra.

Knuckles Range

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Knuckles Mountain Range can be seen in the distance from your villa and across Chatra. Close to Kandy, its unspoiled beauty is best enjoyed on the hiking trails that run alongside tiny villages, dense forests, tea plantations, and rice terraces. The variety of plant and birdlife here is stunning and the range is a must-experience Central Highland attraction.


Inspired by the setting, the villas are in step with nature and create a contemporary mood of refined, conscious living. Each living space combines sleek yet warm touches, with some skirted by private waterfronts, inviting a rare experience of peace and leisure.


With a rising need to be close to nature and for quietude in an ever-shifting world, Chatra set out to nurture a lifestyle community mixing modern luxury with a soft footprint. Experiential spaces were crafted taking inspiration from the setting while preserving the native landscape. Elegantly balancing responsive architecture plus minimalist design, modern-toned interiors and exteriors, and conservation features, Chatra shapes a unique contemporary sustainable living aesthetic.

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