Our Essence

In the Sanskrit language, the word ‘Chatra’ refers to an umbrella — a symbol of social status, a mark of royalty and inner meaning across the South Asian region. This captures the essence of the unique living experience we’d like to share with you, at Chatra.

In your home by the calm waters, a natural setting unlike any other, comfort, peace, and purpose are always close at hand. Cocooned from the frenzy of urban living, life unfolds at a leisurely pace here. Taking cues from the tranquil environment, the development is set in stunning vistas all around.

A holistic outlook to eco-conscious living is ever-present, reflected in how the living spaces mirror their natural surroundings. This further reflects in the wellness-focused facilities the development offers. Each life aspect is carefully considered at Chatra, so you can take in a rare modern living experience, shaping a lifestyle of natural sophistication.

A Space of Dreams

Design & Living Concept

Contemporary, conscious living is a lifestyle choice that requires well-thought-out spaces that let you live imaginatively, holistically, while in-tune with the natural setting. Chatra’s design concept meshes modernity, minimalist design and responsive architecture to create this balance. You can dwell comfortably and unwind in stylish living spaces that are both relaxing and inspiring.

Responsive Balanced Design

Conservation First

Modern Minimalist & Stylish

Leisure and Wellness

Conscious Tranquil Living

Contemporary Luxury

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