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Clubhouse Parking

Conveniently drive up to the Clubhouse and park your vehicle in our dedicated surface parking area with up to 14 slots. An additional 4 parking spaces are available to clubhouse visitors, away from the main lot.

On-Duty Staff Accommodation

A dedicated accommodation area is offered to staff members who are on duty, for their convenience and residence on site. This is an optional facility provided to staff who may choose to reside on the property.

Janitorial Room

A dedicated janitorial service room is found within the Clubhouse, and is used to store all equipment and supplies required to clean the main building and surrounding areas by our janitorial staff.

Main Kitchen

The main kitchen is located at the Clubhouse which is spacious and modernly equipped. The various cuisine types diners enjoy at our restaurant are carefully prepared at this central cooking facility.

Garbage Collection & Recycling

Garbage is segregated at the property and disposed through the corporation of the local municipality. Designated bins are provided for food waste, recyclable waste and so on, for residents to conveniently and responsibly dispose of waste.

Round-the-Clock Security

A 24/7 security operation will be maintained at the property with security personnel manning the entrance area. A full-coverage CCTV security system across the property and dedicated CCTV systems in each villa will offer additional security.

Dry & Cold Store

A dry and cold storage facility is maintained at the Clubhouse to safely store all perishable food items. All ingredients and requirements of our restaurant including dry foods, fresh produce, dairy items, frozen foods, fresh seafood and meats are stored here.

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